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Tiny’s Diner was inspired by the classic 1950’s diners that offered great comfort food and classic drinks. We included items typical of the classic menus like burgers, fries, vanilla egg creams, root beer floats and milk shakes. However, this is only the beginning of our American Diner menu.  How would you define the American Diner menu? The “Diner” menu, just like America, is a collection of several different nationalities’ comfort foods. Whether you prefer a Greek spinach pie, a gyro platter, an Italian chicken Parmigianino or a Panini sandwich, or maybe even well-known comforts such as southern fried chicken, meat loaf or sandwiches, and we mean lots of sandwiches. We have many selections, such as classic Ruben, French Dip, fresh sliced turkey, corned beef, pastrami, brisket, or even roast beef. Of course a “Diner” menu has to include breakfast items available at any time of the day, and Tiny’s has no shortage of breakfast dishes. Featuring more than a dozen omelets, frittatas, benedicts, or eggs how you prefer with sides of American, Irish, Canadian bacons or Sausages. If a sweet breakfast is desired, we also have pancakes, Belgian waffles, crepes and now blintzes that round out the menu for breakfast.

Our characteristic diner image with a combination of classic dishes and varieties of other dishes is intended to bring home feelings of comfort and nostalgia that will attract people of all ages. Whether you remember the charisma of the 1950’s diner or are looking for a fresh attraction different than the restaurants available, Tiny’s Diner fits the mold. We hope to have captured the classic diner look while maintaining a modern feel that will truly give comfort to any age. Such amenities as free WIFI, outlets at every booth, and a free 1950’s payphone give the 1950’s diner a needed twist for the modern times. Come join us for a meal and experience the allure yourself! We promise that while we play 1950’s music the Jitterbug or the twist is not required to enter, just highly encouraged.

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